911 Blade Sign Replacement Initiative

To my residents,

911 Blade signs are not just a helpful way to identify addresses in rural communities; they are a public safety tool used by our Emergency Response Services to efficiently identify a location requiring assistance. Public safety is a major concern of mine and I am proud to say that I have secured limited funding and created a one-time program to have the rusted signs along main roads replaced.

This program became a reality when a resident voiced their concerns through the Emergency and Protective Services (EPS). This issue was then brought to my attention as a public safety concern. 

The original white with green Blade signs came from the Osgoode Township Municipal Funds (1998) prior to amalgamation. After withstanding many years of our inconsistent climate, many of the old Blade signs have deteriorated to the point that they have become difficult to read. The new Blade signs will be made out of aluminum in order to make them more resistant to the elements.

I will be personally touring the Ward to deliver the signs in the upcoming weeks. Residents will be provided with a new Blade sign free of charge, and are asked to replace their previous one at their earliest convenience. If you are unable to install your new sign due to physical limitations, please contact my office and I will arrange to have the Volunteer Firefighters assist in the installation.

If your Blade sign is rusted and you are not located on a main road, you can always purchase a new one by visiting the following link. https://app06.ottawa.ca/online_services/forms/building_reno/911_blade_sign_application_en.pdf