VOLUME 3, ISSUE 43: November 9, 2017


Week in Review!



Budget 2018

The 2018 Draft Budget was released at Council this week, and it contains some great news for our ward. Highlights include resurfacing for Marvelville Road, Mitch Owens Road, Stagecoach Road, York’s Corners Road and Van Rens Street among others. Also we will have over 40 culverts replaced to pave the way for more significant road improvements going into 2019 and 2020. Our ward has more than $7 million being invested in our roads. We still have a several meetings to iron a few things and make some tweaks but so far I am very happy with where things are at in regards to the budget.


Lynwood Gardens New Water Treatment Facility

Killam has recently commissioned a new, state of the art water treatment plant that will substantially improve the water quality of the private wells that serve the Lynnwood Gardens neighborhood in the community of Edwards. Improvements to the water system include a new 30,000 litre cistern to store the treated water, additional treatment equipment with advanced technologies, including the Reverse Osmosis membrane filtration to substantially reduce the sodium and soften the water; ultraviolet light to disinfect the water and reduce the chlorine required and a new building with upgraded power supply. These upgrades represent an additional investment of approximately $400,000.

I approached Killam about a year and a half ago to offer my assistance as they worked toward their goal of a better and more reliable water system for Lynnwood, and it has been a pleasure working with them. I greatly appreciate the efforts and investments that they have put forward. Killam and I are grateful for the patience and support of residents during the construction and testing phases of this new and significantly improved water system. I would also like to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of Killam staff and the support of the MOECC and OPH in bringing the water treatment plant on-line.



Leave the Phone Alone

McEwen Gas at Mitch Owens and Albion Road teamed up with Safe Roads Ottawa staff, my office and Ottawa Police Service to raise awareness once again on the importance of leaving the cell phone alone when driving. As motorists stopped in for gas, OPS and myself had a chance to speak to them on distracted driving and pass out information cards and decals to remind others not to use the cell phone when driving. A staggering 40% of collisions in 2013 were caused by distracted driving. In many ways talking on the cell phone is comparable to impaired or drunk drivers. It’s not worth the risk, so please leave the phone alone and help keep the roads safe!



80th Birthday Wishes for Ena Meloy

Happy Birthday to Ena Meloy! Ena was honored with a celebratory luncheon in Kenmore to celebrate her 80th birthday. Ena was all smiles and chuckles as the Kenmore Community Centre filled up with friends and family. Adding a special touch to her celebration was a performance by her grandchildren, Reid and Kelsey Warren, with their fiddling and step-dancing. It was a pleasure to attend and present certificates on behalf of Mayor Watson and myself. 


Soup & Sandwich at St.Andrews' United Church Metcalfe

There is no better place to stop in on a rainy day than a church luncheon and bake sale for some hot soup! Such was the case with St. James’ annual luncheon. Full to capacity, the volunteers were quick to serve up a hot lunch while also taking time to chat with guests. Great food, great baked goodies and always a pleasure to attend and leave with fresh fudge!


Osgoode Baptist and Vernon United Annual Harvest Dinner

Attending church dinners gives everyone a chance to sit and enjoy good cooking and great company. It brings the community closer together and gives a night off for the cooks at home! New arrival Rev. Beals welcomed all his parishioners in person with a smile and the occasional joke to their annual Harvest Dinner. At this church dinner, there were many familiar faces and many new ones as well that gave me a chance to meet. 



416 Remembrance Ceremony

The ceremony held each year at the 416 memorial for Veterans is always a colourful, muscial and well-attended event. Dignitaries from all levels of government are present along with many Veterans with family and friends. Cadets, a pipe band and colourful flag party made up the long procession lineup paying respect for fallen soldiers and the Veterans. It is always one of the largest, most colourful ceremonies.



Remembrance Day Ceremonies

Several villages held their Remembrance Day Ceremonies this past weekend.  Kenmore, Osgoode and Greely all had their tributes back to back, and in the rain most of the time. The weather didn't dampen the spirits of those that came out though. Each village had their own line up of special guests to lay wreaths, including current military personnel, government and municipal figures.  It was my distinct honour to attend these ceremonies to lay a wreath on behalf of the City. Remember them, never forget.



OLV Turkey Dinner

Another great Turkey dinner was held at Our Lady of the Visitation, and it was sold out. Late arrivals were actually only able to snag take-out. As always Father Penney was on hand helping to serve and make his way around the hall to greet guests. It was good to meet up with friends and residents for a quick bite before heading back out in the community for another event.



Kenmore Dinner

This time of year there are plenty of great church dinners and St. Paul’s United Church in Kenmore is no exception! Kenmore Hall was filled with residents that enjoyed an evening out with family and friends before the winter sets in. Vera Mitchell, Bill Buckland, Bev Patterson were among the many that attended.


Osgoode Legion Remembrance Dinner

Each year the Osgoode Legion hosts a Remembrance Day Dinner for the families and friends of Veterans. This dinner is a formal one where everyone that has a uniform, shows up in it. The colour that is added to the hall with the mix of uniforms is really quite inviting. I was honoured to attend, say a few words and mingle with military both present and retirees in the room. 



Help Santa Toy Parade Kickoff Luncheon

Each year the Firefighters host a luncheon to thank sponsors who have helped kick off the "Help Santa Toy Parade" and this year was no different. The menu was composed of classic fire hall meals. It was all served by firefighters, as the Fire Services Band played festive tunes. Santa made an appearance as well to get the celebrations started. The parade is November 18th, beginning at 11:00 am.



Comedy Classic Show 2017

Orchard View Event Centre hosted the first fundraiser for Osgoode Ward Business Association (OWBA), with appetizers, a 4 course meal followed by opening comedian Josh Williams and headliner Frank Spadone. A DJ was added for those that wanted to get up and dance after the show. With over 200 people in attendance from many businesses in the Ward, the evening was a hit, and nothing but positive feedback was heard. Plans are in the works for next year, same time and same place. If you missed out this time, mark your calendars for next year, it will be worth attending! 


Greely Lions

The Greely Lions are always giving back to the community as part of their promise to help others in need. This week, ROSSS received $1,000 for their organization that helps seniors in the community. Courtney Rock accepted the cheque on behalf of ROSSS. The Greely Lions also inducted new member Ricardo Villa at the meeting. Welcome Ricardo!