VOLUME 3, ISSUE 38: October 6, 2017


Week in Review!


Opening Ceremonies Metcalfe 161st Fair

The 161st Metcalfe Fair Opening Ceremony and Reception was a wonderful opportunity to thank the board members, volunteers and invited guests for being a part of this great rural fair. Outgoing Fair Board President Brain Johnston and the rest of the board were acknowledged for their contributions over the years to help make the Metcalfe Fair bigger and better with each year. In attendance to offer congratulations were Mayor Jim Watson, MP Pierre Poilivere and MPP Lisa MacLeod.


Demolition Derby

Lady luck was on my side this year in the Metcalfe Fair Demolition Derby. My car won first place in the final round! Big congrats to Brett Van Herpt who not only worked on my car, but drove it for the second year in a row. Many thanks to Ed, Matty, David and Chris Van Herpt, Courtney, Mark Appleby and the whole team who put many hours into creating the powerhouse we saw in the derby. Another big thanks to Wehbe of Ottawa Metro Towing for transporting and towing the car. With so many entries in the derby this year and with record breaking crowd attendance, it was quite an exciting Thursday night. Thanks for cheering us on!



Metcalfe Fair Booth

The number of people that came by my booth this year was astounding!  The great weather, the enthusiastic staff and volunteers, and the smell of fresh popcorn turned the booth into a real attraction. As many of you know, Orchard View Wedding & Event Centre generously donated a mini BMW motorbike for a free draw at my booth this year. There were so many entries in the box, with local resident Jeff Parke being the lucky winner! We hope you all enjoyed stopping by my booth and enjoying the fairgrounds. Each day at the fair was a great opportunity for me and my staff to engage with residents face to face, discuss minor issues, sign up for the newsletter and have an all around good time. We saw many families, students, and groups like the Scouts and the #2951 Army Cadets.

Mayor Watson stopped in twice this year! He attended the Opening Ceremonies on Friday followed by a quick touring of the fairgrounds. He returned on Saturday to join the fair board president Brian Johnston and I to visit many of the exhibits, greet fairgoers and of course stop to enjoy some Mini Doughnuts! 



I hope everyone enjoyed the candies, items from Safe Roads Ottawa, the reusable water bottles and pens, and of course the ballots for the free draw that were available to all at my booth this year. I would like to extend my gratitude to all my staff and the volunteers that worked throughout the Fair. A special thanks to Vera Mitchell, who was very busy helping to hand out popcorn each day! This year was by far the best Metcalfe Fair to date!


2018 Budget Public Consultation Meeting

On Thursday we held a very productive public consultation on the 2018 budget that was open to the public at Emerald Links Golf and Country Club. Councilor Scott Moffatt, Councilor Michael Qaqish and myself conducted the consultation with help from city staff. It presented an excellent opportunity to speak with members of the community on how the budget is developed and how it works. We were also able to gather input on priorities for 2018.



United Way Wall of Inspiration

On September 28th the United Way’s This Is Ottawa project for the Wall of Inspiration was held at City Hall’s Jean Pigott Place. The Wall of Inspiration is a celebratory display of contributions from Community Builders in Ottawa, who have displayed incredible commitment to the city. This year, United Way decided to change the face of the Wall of Inspiration: it is now over 150 pieces of locally sourced cherry wood making up a beautiful 250-foot map of the entire City of Ottawa. I was able to partake in this special event to lay a piece of my own. I can’t wait to see how the map looks as it continues to grow in the coming months! 



Coach Houses

Coach houses are small, detached residences that can be built to provide a private additional living space. Such residences can be ideal for keeping elderly family members or young people close while still giving them independence. Over the last year, with a tremendous amount of help from city staff, we have changed the requirements for rural Coach Houses a great deal, making them far more flexible. No rural property is automatically disqualified from building a Coach House, even if your property is less than an acre. Based on the size of the property and the services available there are slightly different requirements, so if you are interested in building a coach house reach out to my office and we can provide advice and put you in contact with city staff. We are not done yet, but already we have made it far more affordable and realistic for residents to build coach houses.


Stormwater Rates

Staff initially came to us Councilors with a tax increase of 13% for stormwater. Myself and many of my colleagues were understandably put off by this. We understood and expected a 2% increase. Through negotiations it was reduced by 5% for 2018, but with no guarantee that it would stay this low. After the election in 2018 it could be jacked up again. This was still unacceptable to me. Last year agreeing to the implementation of the stormwater tax, locked in at 2% increases was an incredibly difficult decision. I felt that agreeing to that was enough of a compromise, and I decided not support it increasing any further, so I voted against the 5% increase. I was elected to act on behalf of my residents, and I felt that my vote was keeping in line with that promise. 


What’s Happening in the Community!

2nd Annual Fall Tea

Submitted by Councilor George Darouze

Come out and enjoy and an afternoon of tea and music with me on Thursday October 19th 2017, at the Metcalfe Town Hall, located at 8243 Victoria Street. It will be from 1 PM to 3PM. The teas will be served by the Lions Club and Volunteer Firefighters. Music will be performed by Spencer Scharf, who delivers a bluesy performance steeped in his folk-rock roots.


New Business Feature!

Local Boys Snowblowing

A new snowblowing company has started up to help better serve the villages of Metcalfe, Greely and surrounding areas this season. Local business men Nick Medeiros and Kevin Campbell have teamed up to bring you “Local Boys Snowblowing” which vows to provide improved snow clearing for the 2017-208 winter season. They will be using brand new Kubot M100 tractors/Pronovost snowblowers with plastic (Tivar) blades which will ensure that the properties they clear are protected. They guarantee to provide superior and reliable snowblowing services for a great price. 

If you are interested in trying out their services, please give them a call at 613-821-9969 or check out their website at www.localboyssnow.ca. You can also email them at info@localboyssnow.ca.  It’s always good to support local businesses and help out others in the community.