VOLUME 3, ISSUE 25: June 23, 2017


Week in Review!


911 Blade Sign Replacement Program
I am happy to say that the 911 blade sign replacement program has begun in the Ward at the Osgoode Care Centre (OCC) on Snake Island Road.  The original white with green blade signs came from the Osgoode Township Municipal Funds (1998) prior to amalgamation. After many years of withstanding our inconsistent climate, the older signs have begun to deteriorate. With the older sign deteriorating, I felt as though proactive action was necessary. Considering public safety is such a major concern of mine, I am proud to say that I have secured funding and created a one-time program to have the rusted signs along main roads replaced. Residents on main roads will be provided with a new blade sign free of charge (poles not included) and are asked to replace their previous one at their earliest convenience. If you are unable to install your new sign due to physical limitations, please contact my office and I will arrange to have the Volunteer Firefighters assist in the installation. The roads included in this project are: Belmeade, Mitch Owens, Snake Island, Yorks Corners, River Road, 8th Line,  9th Line, Stagecoach, Manotick Station, Parkway, Osgoode Main, Bank St.(Hwy.31), Dalmeny, Gordon Murdock, Nixon, Marvelville, and Blanchefield.


Open Door
This week I had a very special visitor named Matthew Howell. Matt just returned from Toronto where he was serving as a Page in the Ontario Legislature. His experience was “fantastic” as he says. He gained insight into how the Government works at a different level than Municipal. Welcome back, Matt!  Another nice surprise was fresh baking from a resident, it made my afternoon! Thank you to resident Kay Porteous for her nice little surprise. I had another great visitor; one of the first residents to stop in for their 911 Blade sign. It was a pleasure to give it to him in person.  See everyone next Open Door!


2951 Army Cadets’ Mess Dinner
It was such an incredible honour for me to attend the 2951 Army Cadets' Mess Dinner tonight. I presented to the cadets both a certificate from Mayor Jim Watson and from myself. I also received a very special coin from Captain Marc Bedard. This cadet corps has worked incredibly hard to reach their goals and I am so proud of the continuous growth that the cadets demonstrate. This corps truly is family. Thank you for the memorable evening and again, thank you for all of the hard work that the staff, volunteers, and cadets do.

Holy Trinity Anglican Church Fish Fry
What an amazing Fish Fry at the Holy Trinity Anglican Church in Metcalfe. It was great to see the community come together and support each other. Thank you to all of the hard-working volunteers who made this delicious dinner possible!



What's Happening in the City!


Audit Committee and Crime Reports
I am a proud member of the Audit Committee, a group that provides a greater level of transparency and accountability for the city. Yesterday we met and discussed four reports from the Auditor General. One of which was on the Waste and Fraud Hotline, an excellent tool that civilian and public employees can use to anonymously report cases of fraud, waste, and other inappropriate activities by city employees. The report was very positive and indicated that the Hotline continues to be an effective tool to strengthen the ethical climate of our city.

In addition, the 2015-2016 Crime Trends Report has been released, and it contains a lot of great news about our ward. The crime rate, the volume of reported crimes, and the crime severity index are all down across the board for both violent and non-violent crime. While this report is filled with a lot of good news for our ward, it is important to still communicate with the police and file police reports when you see something of concern. The Ottawa Police Services deploy their forces based on information gathered from the public, meaning if the crime is not reported then our officers will not know to visit that area.

Ottawa Public Health: Opioids Community Resources
As part of our response to the increase of opioid overdoses in Ottawa over the last few months, Ottawa Public Health (OPH) has developed a number of resources for the public and professionals. Visit www.StopOverdoseOttawa.com for more details and resourceful information. 

Springhill Landfill PLC Meeting
Excellent turn out for the Springhill Landfill Public Liaison Committee meeting. Thank you to all of the residents who attended and voiced their concerns, and thank you to the Tomlinson Group for answering all questions. I look forward to our October meeting!

Wild Parsnip Warning
Be advised that Wild Parsnip is a dangerous plant that causes severe skin irritation and burns. If you see Wild Parsnip, please contact 3-1-1 immediately to have the area sprayed. 

City-Wide Tick Warning
The black-legged tick that carries the bacteria that can cause Lyme disease is present in the Ottawa area, across Eastern Ontario, and the Outaouais region of Quebec. Ottawa is now considered an at-risk area for Lyme disease. Ottawa Public Health has seen an increase in the number of cases of Lyme disease reported in the Ottawa area over time, as well as an increase in the number of cases of Lyme disease likely acquired in the Ottawa area. This is most likely a result of growing Lyme disease awareness and increase in tick populations in Eastern Ontario. Ottawa Public Health is committed to reducing the health risks to residents posed by Lyme disease through prevention, education, and awareness, as well as surveillance. Preventing tick bites is key to the prevention of Lyme disease. Visit the following link for more information. http://ottawa.ca/en/residents/public-health/disease-and-medical-conditio...

Police Checks Now Available Online
Ottawa Police Services is proud to announce that you can now apply for a police record check online. Visit the following link for more details. https://www.ottawapolice.ca/en/about-us/Online-Police-Record-Checks.asp