VOLUME 3, ISSUE 22: June 02 , 2017


Week in Review!


Thrice Yearing Ceremony

The Annual Thrice Yearing Ceremony took place at the Buddhist Temple in Vernon where I was the guest of honour at a luncheon. The ceremony is a celebration of peace, harmony, and purification which also hosted visiting Monks from China and outside of Ottawa as well.   I was able to offer a message of welcome and extend greetings for Ottawa 2017 and Canada 150. I love to experience new cultures and their rituals, having the diversity in the Ward is quite special.

Ronald Warren Ball Park Officially Renamed

The former Kenmore Ball Diamond known as Number One has now been officially renamed to the Ronald Warren Ball Diamond. Ron was a Kenmore resident that made a dream come true by turning an empty field into the ballpark it is today with a canteen, washrooms, gazebo and a horseshoe pit.  It took tireless efforts by not only him but volunteers who removed rocks from a drained field before the real construction could be done. He did all of this for the better of the community, where families could come to watch/play baseball and enjoy a day in the park. It was a pleasure to present the official plaque to the Warren family on behalf of the City.  A special thank you goes to Bill Buckland who started the process to have it renamed in Ron's honour.

Osgoode Township High School Relay for Life

Osgoode Township High School held its' annual Relay for Life Walk/Run at their school. Because the fields were too muddy this time around, the track was chalked out for the teams to walk around the schoolyard. This year, a little friendly competition between teams to raise the most funds lead to the winning team calling a donated motor home their camp for the day. Thanks to the Stanley family for lending their motor home for this unique incentive. Fries for Charity were on hand also to help add to the funds raised. The school raised over $38,000 towards the fight against Cancer. That's incredible! Way to go OTHS!


Kenmore United Church Dinner

St. Paul's Church in Kenmore was a sold out dinner with a packed house on deck for some fabulous food and grand company! Bruce Patterson, Vera Mitchell, Bill Buckland, and Andy Kingsbury were just a few familiar faces that also attended. Great evening!


Manotick Village Community Association (MVCA)

The election of some new positions and the retirement of others such as Klaus Beltzner and his wife Judy were among the items on the agenda of the MVCA AGM. Klaus stepped down as the President after 5 years of continued support and direction for the community. He spent countless hours dedicating himself to the community association to ensure that the needs were being met for residents and provided that bridge to elected officials between them. He will be missed, but he still plans to stay involved in the community. Judy also stepped down as secretary. Both were wonderful to work with and I look forward to working with the new executive.

Confederation Train

CN Rail brought a confederation train out of retirement to make a special trip with a group of guests and theater players that re-enacted scenes of “Confederation” while traveling from Montreal to Ottawa. The trip was a step back in time, 150 years ago to be exact!  Mayor Jim Watson and I were joined by many other Mayors' from surrounding cities to make the special trip. It was a great way to draw attention to Canada's 150th birthday and Ottawa 2017.  


Open Door

Open Door this week was one of busiest that we have had in a while!  It was back to back people dropping in. What a great day, see you next week!


National Paramedics Week

This week was a time to pay special attention to our paramedics and recognize them for their dedication to the health care profession.  We don't always give them the credit for being there when needed and saving lives.  An early morning stop this week at the headquarters was made extra special when the “new hires” were there too!  Meeting them and chatting for a moment on how they became “new hires” was a golden opportunity to see how the push for more paramedics finally came to life!  These are the new faces that will be around Ottawa serving the community. Very proud to have been a big part of the reality of  “new hires”.  They also thanked me for pushing the issue and creating new jobs that they are now filling.

 New Businesses

I had a chance to visit a few new businesses in the Ward this week.  One was J-Glow Sport in Metcalfe at York's Corners Road.  This is a unique way to exercise and have fun too in the glow in the dark facility.  They cater to all ages and groups whether it be for a party, or just to try something new. Another newly opened business is the Stagecoach Fry Company located at Stagecoach and Snake Island Road.  They have some of the best poutine around and much more from their grill menu.  You can't miss the bright orange chip truck!


Thank You Breakfast

I met with our dedicated roads crews to say thank you for all of their hard work year round, particularly during our harsh winters. Our crews work 24/7 during the winter to ensure roads are plowed and salted. During the summer, they work through endless service requests for maintenance. It was great for me to be able to formally thank them for all of this work.


Osgoode Public School Spring Fling

I stopped by the Osgoode Public School for their Annual Spring Fling fundraiser. This year, they were raising money for a new play structure for the kindergarten yard. There was dinner, a silent auction, bouncy castles, a bake sale, and more! Thank you to everyone who came out to support this great cause!



What's Happening in the City!


Wild Parsnip Warning

Be advised that Wild Parsnip is a dangerous plant that causes severe skin irritation and burns. If you see Wild Parsnip, please contact 3-1-1 immediately to have the area sprayed. 


Bilingualism in Ottawa

In response to the recent push for a bill to further establish Ottawa as a bilingual city, and requests for my comment, I am happy to share my opinion on the matter. As you may know, back in 2001, Council passed by-law No. 170, which in the very first line states, “the Council of the City of Ottawa recognizes the bilingual character of the City of Ottawa.” By-law No.170 gives citizens of Ottawa the right to communicate and receive all available city services in either English or French.

I think we can all agree that this policy has been widely implemented, and that you can receive federal, provincial and municipal services in Ottawa in the official language of your choice. Ottawa is already a bilingual city, with policies to support and preserve the French language. Beyond interfering with the private sector, there is not much more you could reasonably ask for regarding bilingualism in Ottawa. For this reason, I consider a bill identifying Ottawa as a bilingual city to be redundant. Furthermore, if this bill is primarily a symbolic gesture as many of its proponents claim, then it seems to me to be little more than an effort to score political points with francophone constituents. If it is more than just a symbolic gesture then it could pave the way for more challenges for qualified, unilingual people seeking employment in Ottawa in the future. 


City-Wide Tick Warning

The black-legged tick that carries the bacteria that can cause Lyme disease is present in the Ottawa area, across Eastern Ontario, and the Outaouais region of Quebec. Ottawa is now considered an at-risk area for Lyme disease. Ottawa Public Health has seen an increase in the number of cases of Lyme disease reported in the Ottawa area over time, as well as an increase in the number of cases of Lyme disease likely acquired in the Ottawa area. This is most likely a result of growing Lyme disease awareness and increase in tick populations in Eastern Ontario. Ottawa Public Health is committed to reducing the health risks to residents posed by Lyme disease through prevention, education, and awareness, as well as surveillance. Preventing tick bites is key to the prevention of Lyme disease. Visit the following link for more information. http://ottawa.ca/en/residents/public-health/disease-and-medical-conditio...


Police Checks Now Available Online

Ottawa Police Services is proud to announce that you can now apply for a police record check online.
Visit the following link for more details. https://www.ottawapolice.ca/en/about-us/Online-Police-Record-Checks.asp