New rebate available: Secondary sump pump with backup power

As part of a two-year pilot project, financial assistance is currently available to qualified City of Ottawa property owners for the installation of a secondary sump pump with backup power to prevent flooding due to increased ground water levels.

Please note this pilot program is very limited. My office has no jurisdiction over the program.

A secondary sump pump supplements an existing sump pump by providing a backup should the primary sump pump fail. Failure may be due to mechanical issues or a power failure. A secondary pump with battery backup power will help to ensure the function of the sump and reduce the risk of basement flooding.


Who is eligible for the rebate?

To be eligible for the rebate, the following must be satisfied:

  • Applicant must be the property owner
  • Property must be:
    • Residential
    • Located in the City of Ottawa
  • Applicants must have an existing sump pump system installed
  • Property taxes must be current
  • Installation must be completed in accordance with applicable legislation, City of Ottawa by-laws and guidelines

Sump pumps installed for the purposes of maintaining, repairing or replacing existing devices will not be considered under the program.


Step 1: Installation

Contact your contractor to arrange for the installation of an approved device. The sump pump and its installation must meet the current requirements of applicable legislation, City of Ottawa by-laws and Sewer Design Guidelines.

The City of Ottawa Sewer Use By-law, 2003-514, requires sump pumps discharge to the storm sewer. Discharging stormwater to a sanitary or combined sewer is a violation of the by-law, unless the connection existed prior to October 24, 1984.

Further resources:

  • Find more information on the Sewer Use By-law (2003-514)
  • For more information on the Sewer Design Guidelines (or to order a copy), please contact the City of Ottawa via email at sends e-mail). Fees do apply.
  • Note: the Sewer Design Guidelines contain applicable information regarding sump pump installation, including but not limited to Sections 3.2.2. – Infill Development.

Step 2: Submit application

Download the application form (PDF opens in a new tab or window) or obtain a form from your nearest City of Ottawa Client Service Centre.

Ensure your completed application is signed and includes the following documentation:

  • Proof of ownership (copy of deed, land transfer or property tax bill)
  • Before photo including existing sump pump and primary power supply
  • After Photo including new secondary sump pump and backup power supply
  • Invoice paid in full for purchase and installation of the secondary sump pump with backup power

Applications can be sent via e-mail or mail to the Residential Protective Plumbing Program at  or dropped off in person to:

Residential Protective Plumbing Program
Public Works and Environmental Services Department
City of Ottawa
951 Clyde Avenue
Ottawa, ON K1Z 5A6

Step 3: Site visit

A site visit is required to confirm the installation and sump discharge location. This may involve taking measurements and photographs of the existing plumbing. The site visit is free of charge.

Step 4: Application review and rebate processing

The City will review the application and site visit documentation. Following the review, the City will notify the applicant(s) of the status of the rebate. Processing time depends on the volume of applications received. Once approved, a rebate cheque will be issued and mailed to the applicant(s) within eight to 10 weeks.

Application form

Rebate payment and limits

The maximum rebate amount for a backup sump pump with battery power is $400.00.

The City will rebate up to a maximum of the rebate available at the time of the submission of the application form. Should the cost of the work be less than the amount of the available rebate, the City shall rebate the lesser of the two amounts.

Prior application(s) specific to the property, including those by previous owners, may limit eligibility.

Are there limits to the rebate availability?

Funding available through this two-year pilot is limited. Applications will be processed on a first come, first served basis. If an application is not fully processed due to insufficient funds, the applicant(s) will be notified and the application will be closed. Applicants may submit a new application if new funding becomes available.

Can I withdraw my application?

Application for a sump pump with backup power rebate is voluntary and you may withdraw at any time.