South Nation Conservation Flooding Updates


South Nation Conservation Declares Level I Low Water Condition

Due to a drier than usual spring, persistent hot temperatures, and lack of precipitation, South Nation Conservation (SNC) has declared a Level I Low Water Condition for its watershed in Eastern Ontario.
Low water conditions are determined based on data collected from precipitation and stream gauges across the watershed. Records indicate that precipitation over the past three months was at least below 80% normal.
While in Level I status, SNC asks residents and businesses to reduce their water consumption by 10% to help mitigate the impacts of low water conditions. Water consumption can be reduced by limiting non-essential uses such as watering your lawn or washing your car. Of the three Levels of low water conditions, a Level I indicates that there is the potential of a water supply problem should current precipitation and stream flow trends persist. A Level II condition indicates minor supply issues may be apparent and conservation and non-essential restriction is adopted, and a Level III condition indicates the failure of the water supply to meet demand. SNC works with its 16 member municipalities to monitor stream flow, precipitation and water supply through the provincially mandated Low Water Response program. SNC will continue to monitor watershed conditions and will provide updates as required. To better understand local conditions; landowners, businesses, and industries are encouraged to contact SNC if they are experiencing any unusual water-related problems.
More information on Low Water Response and current watershed conditions can be found on SNC’s website at
For more information, please contact Sandra Mancini, Team Lead of Engineering, at 1-877-984-2948,


South Nation Conservation (SNC) is committed to supporting municipalities, partners, and people as the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic unfolds. Updates and changes to our operations and business continuity are posted online: In accordance with the Government of Ontario’s Emergency Orders, many outdoor physical recreational amenities were closed. SNC plans to re-open public boat launches and river access points and select Conservation Areas. Some sites will open on Saturday, May 16th; some on Tuesday, May 19th, 2020.

  • There are no physical structures, permanent washrooms, or amenities at previously open sites.
  • There are maintained pedestrian bridges and recreational trails.
  • Regular maintenance activities will continue.
  • SNC will not be installing portable washrooms for the time being.
  • New signs with public health directives will be reinstalled at all sites on Tuesday, May 19th.

The following Conservation Area continue to remain open and maintained for passive recreation (walking):
• Two Creek Forest Conservation Area (Morrisburg)
• Oschmann Forest Conservation Area (Ormond)
• Robert Graham Conservation Area (Glen Stewart)
• Warwick Forest Conservation Area (Berwick)
• J. Henry Tweed Conservation Area (Russell)
• W. E. Burton Conservation Area (Russell)
• Reveler Conservation Area (Crysler)
• Nokomis Park (Limoges)


SNC is launching Live Educational Video Series to Engage with Families at Home. Beginning May 7th, South Nation Conservation (SNC) will be live streaming family-friendly educational videos on Facebook every Thursday at 1:00 pm as part of a new series called Nature at Home.

Appropriate COVID-19 precautionary measures are in place to support staff while outside. People must maintain distances while on trails, for a list of properties still available for walking visit:
FOR MORE INFORMATION: Taylor Campbell, Communications Specialist,

Residents in flood prone or low-lying areas, historically susceptible to flooding, should take the necessary precautions to protect their property, such as:

  • Ensuring sump pump is clear, in good working condition and has a backwater valve on it
  • Portable backup generator and pump
  • Ensuring downspouts are clear and the outlet is at least 3 m from the dwelling
  • Removing or securing items that might float away as flows increase
  • Removing valuable items from basements or lower floors that could be subject to flooding
  • Keep emergency phone numbers handy
  • Familiarize yourself with your municipality’s emergency preparedness plan


 South Nation Conservation (SNC) is committed to supporting municipalities, partners and people as the Coronavirus Pandemic unfolds.

While the situation continues to change rapidly, our top priority remains the health, safety, and well-being of our staff, board, volunteers, and members of the public who interact with us.

Following the advice of public health authorities, we have restricted non-essential activities, travel, meetings, public use of our facilities and programs and have employees working safely remotely. 

SNC Administrative Office is closed to visitors and guests: please use our drop box for paperwork or phone and email to connect with SNC staff.

Updates to our operations and business continuity planning will be posted on our website, including:

  • Public Meetings
  • Programs and Services
  • Conservation Areas Open
  • Administrative Office and SNC Staff
  • Community Resources and Contact Info


The following meetings have been postponed with tentatively scheduled new dates:

  • South Nation Conservation Annual General Meeting
    (March 19 - April 16)
  • Drinking Water Source Protection Committee Meeting
    (March 20 -TBD)

Future essential public meetings will be hosted through online platforms.

The Minister of Environment, Conservation and Parks has directed Conservation Authorities to amend their administrative by-laws to allow for virtual meetings, including teleconference.

SNC’s Meeting Rooms are not available, all community meetings and bookings are cancelled until May. 

Updates to other meetings are posted on SNC's Event Calendar Online. 


Some Conservation Area trails remain open and maintained for passive recreation, including:

The Findlay Creek Conservation Area, access to the Leitrim Wetland (Ottawa) and the Alfred Bog Boardwalk are all closed; please do not access these sites.

The following Conservation Areas are seasonally closed, please do not access these sites at all:

People can continue to connect to nature and get outdoors at the trails open. Please follow the advice of health authorities to protect yourself and your family and maintain safe distances on trails. Please keep pets on leash and dispose garbage appropriately. Map your Conservation Area visit here.

Group reservations, events and programs in parks have been cancelled. All facilities, including outdoor washrooms, boardwalks and play structures are closed.

Visitors can access trails for passive recreation only. Visitation is monitored at all sites and operations will be adjusted accordingly. 


Education and Outreach
SNC’s Maple Education Program has been cancelled: the Oschmann Forest has been opened so that people may visit our maple woodlot and experience a self-guided tour (interpretive signs on site). 

Most outreach activities for other programs have been postponed, including the Stream of Dreams Program.

Flood Forecasting Program and Dam Operations Continue 
Regular updates are available online and on social media

Tree Planting Program
Tree seedlings should be available late April: SNC will be planting over 150,000 trees in 2020; tree delivery dates will be communicated directly and Community Tree Giveaway activities are being revised for May. 

Approvals and Development Review Programs
(CA Regulations, Municipal Plan Review, Drinking Water Source Protection, Septic Inspections)

SNC will make every effort to maintain planning and permit review timelines.

Contractors and residents are asked to support "no contact visits" during essential inspections; please ensure that no one is on site, our team members will communicate instructions directly by phone. 

Other projects and programs continue through remote operations and updated health and safety measures. 


Our offices are closed to visitors and guests. People are encouraged to drop off paperwork in our drop box located outside our office, or to contact our staff by phone (613-984-2948) or by email (

We do not anticipate service disruptions at this time and are fully operational. Our teams have access to collaboration tools and file servers through a secure VPN service. Some field operations continue and all staff have access to emails and can answer phone calls.

SNC is monitoring the pandemic and response closely and will provide updates on changes to operations and business continuity as they become available. Your patience, support and cooperation are appreciated.




John Mesman, Lead, Communications and Outreach