Secondary Sump Pump - Rebate Program

A 2-year pilot project was approved that will give 100 Ottawa residents a rebate of up to $400 when installing a secondary sump pump with back-up battery power. Launching in early 2018, the federal government will provide nearly half of the funding for the pilot, through the National Disaster Mitigation Program, which aims to address the rising risks and costs of flooding. A secondary sump pump with back-up battery power reduces the risk of basement flooding during a power outage. While this project is still in development at this time and may change closer to launch, staff have indicated that for residents to qualify for the program they will have to have a functional sump pump already installed and be up to date on their taxes. Applicants for the project will be selected on a first-come, first-served basis, so we will keep you posted on any new details that emerge and on the specific date that this program launches so you can apply fast.