Roads in the Osgoode Ward

Over the last 3 years I have been working hard to advocate for more funding to put towards Osgoode Ward roads. After seeing the budget from the previous term of council and comparing it with this term, it’s obvious to see why I inherited a crumbling infrastructure. This term I have brought almost $10 million more in Capital investments to our Ward, which allowed for more projects and work to be completed.

When I first met with staff and reviewed the forecast, I immediately began asking to resurface our arterial roads. I was informed that many of these roads had major underground infrastructure culverts that were deteriorating and therefore, these roads could not have been resurfaced without the being repairs first.

While the 2015 budget was already drafted during 2014 (prior to me coming into office), I was unable to make adjustments before the final Council vote. We worked throughout the year to identify priority roads which needed resurfacing while incorporating these culvert repairs into the budget. Roads like Victoria, Blais, Ramsayville, Yorks Corners, Glenwood, and River Rd to name a few, were done ahead of this forecast and some were even added to the priority list. Additionally, I have also been insistent that interior residential roads are also reviewed for resurfacing as these have been neglected for decades such as, Lafortune, Old George, and Leroy with more added as we continue to review each of the villages.

Mitch Owens and Stagecoach are two of the busiest roads that required culverts and resurfacing. While we were able to do the underground infrastructure in 2017 for Stagecoach, it will now be repaved from Mitch Owens to Snake Island this summer.

Mitch Owens will begin resurfacing from River Road to East of Downey Road on May 7th, putting it ahead of schedule. In the second phase of the Mitch Owens project, we are repairing significant culverts east of Downey which will allow us to work on culverts and other projects located in the East portions of Mitch Owens.

Ideally, it would be fantastic to do Mitch Owens from beginning to end this year or even years ago. Ultimately, this has come down to structure, money and time. Had this work been done on a proper regular maintenance schedule over the last 18 years, we would not have been held up and using our resurfacing funds for these projects. Nevertheless, it is the situation we are in now. Once the major drainage culverts are completed, it will make room for more roads to be resurfaced each year. I am working with staff over the next few months for a more fulsome forecast for the next 4 years.

Please know that I have been fighting for Osgoode Ward to have the roadwork it deserves. I apologize for the last 3 years of detours while we deal with construction work each summer. Good news is that when we have these inconveniences, it will bring much needed improvements, which will benefit us all. See here: 

Please check out the complete list of 2018 road improvements here. For a list of projects and improvements for 2018 including infrastructure, traffic services, , see the Budget 2018 Highlights page.