#OttTransitChallenge 2019

I have received a few questions on why I opted out of participating in the #OttTransitChallenge. Let me explain why.
As your City Councillor I prefer to stay close and connected to my community, which means my meetings with residents or staff are usually at my Metcalfe Office or around the ward. This week, as most of my week schedules go, the majority of my meetings were held within the Osgoode Ward where there is no available public transit. Since I would hardly be navigating towards the urban or downtown area this week, save for City Council and an afternoon of staff meetings, it would be wrong for me to have committed to a week-long challenge.
For those who may be disappointed that I did not participate, please know I am not ignoring your frustration with the transit system. I acknowledge and sympathize that commuting through transit is a serious challenge for some in our neighborhood. I very much recognize improvements are needed, and I firmly believe that riding the transit system for one week would not have altered this view. I have spent the last 4 years working to expand our rural roads and extend the LRT to our area to help alleviate these commuting issues, and will continue to work towards improving the commute for all my residents during my time in office.