Green Light Awareness Campaign

I am proud to announce the official launch of the Green Light Awareness Campaign! Ottawa’s rural communities are served by 470 volunteer firefighters, many of whom are equipped with green flashing lights on their personal vehicles. When you see a green light flashing from a driver’s dashboard, it means the driver is a volunteer firefighter responding to an emergency. Drivers are asked, as a courtesy, to please yield the road to these vehicles with green flashing lights. Pulling over when you see a firefighter’s green light can have a big impact, as every second counts. You may notice additional road signs and billboards reminding drivers of the meaning of flashing green lights. They will help spread awareness and educate drivers on the meaning of flashing green lights in vehicles and why we should pull over for them.
This project has been in the works for a long time, and it all started here in Osgoode, after a conversation with Jean Johnson from the Osgoode Village Community Association who brought the issue to my attention. I brought the campaign to the attention of other Councillors and we worked to bring the signs and this program to the rural communities in Ottawa.
I'd like to thank Osgoode Village Community Association, Fire Chief Gerry Pingitore, Deputy Fire Chief Paul Hutt, District Fire Chief Adrian Dearman, the Community Protective Services Committee, and all my colleagues who helped bring this campaign to the forefront for rural Ottawa.