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Ottawa Police Services remains one of our core services. I have always supported their budget requests to ensure public safety. During this term of council, the police have hired an additional 85 new officers; we have not made cuts. This will assist the downtown core with their urban needs and allow officers to patrol other areas of the city as required.Please note, City Council does not create the budget for policing; this is determined through the Ottawa Police Services Board and Chief of Police. Council only has the authority to approve the final numbers once it has been submitted after these discussions.


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For anyone who has ever emailed me about issues with speeding, they know I have been encouraging everyone to file a report online. While I have implemented a significant amount of traffic calming measures throughout the ward, ultimately this can only be enforced by OPS. Each report made for speeding, break-ins, theft, or any other crime creates trends and patterns that it is flagged to police so they can know when would be the optimal time to patrol the area.



In January of 2017, the Ottawa Police Service (OPS) created a new Frontline services model. This new design has created new zone boundaries for Community Police, and now dispatches officers for patrol in areas identified through online reports.

This benefited Osgoode Ward in many ways. Previously, our policing boundary went as far north as Leitrim Rd and with this new model, it has been moved south, using Rideau Road as our northern boundary line. This has given us more resources dedicated to on rural communities, while we no longer have to share the focus with areas like Riverside South or Findlay Creek.

Furthermore, our local officers are no longer dispatched from the station on 10th Line Rd in Orleans. Today they are based from the Leitrim Rd station, which has created a more localized service for Osgoode Ward with faster response. The adjusted duties also reduced their administrative work, allowing more officer on patrol with more time to patrol and provide the police presence requested by citizens.


Community Police Officers

Contrary to what I have been hearing from community members, we have not lost our Community Police officers. They too had their regular duties adjusted and their zone boundaries have been adjusted accordingly. Their priorities have been shifted back to attending more community events, meetings and educations sessions with schools or seniors, as their position was originally intended. Other officers have been moved to patrol!




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