Manotick Station & Mitch Owens

Intersection Lights in 2017

In December of 2017, I was proud to finally activate the intersection lights at the corner of Mitch Owens and Manotick Station. This area has had significant traffic issues for decades. In the past, the intersection failed to qualify for improvements when staff investigated during the spring, off-peak season. I recognized that during the summer, community events and sporting groups put a tremendous amount of stress on the intersection, which was not captured in previous assessments. I requested that staff re-assess the traffic during the summer months when seasonal usage was very high, and it then qualified for improvements. To make funding possible, I paired the intersection with the previously scheduled realignment of Apple Orchard and Stagecoach. This new traffic light will make the intersection much safer for both drivers and pedestrians, as well as help to alleviate congestion in the area and at neighboring intersections.

Apple Orchard/Parkway & Stagecoach

Intersection Re-Alignment in 2017

During my first year as Councillor, many residents contacted my office about the possibility of a roundabout at the intersection of Apple Orchard/Parkway Road and Stagecoach Road. The previous Councillor for Osgoode sent out a survey to see which type of traffic measure (roundabout or traffic light) the residents would prefer; neither of these two options were cost-friendly which made it unfeasible for staff to support. There was one cost-effective alternative that was not originally proposed: a re-alignment of Apple Orchard Road and Parkway Road. After working with staff and acquiring additional funding to get construction started, the re-alignment was completed in 2017, allowing east-west commuters to cross the intersection more safely.


Rideau & Bank

Left Turning Lanes

For quite some time, residents have brought to my concern the intersection of Rideau Road & Bank Street, with requests for proper turning lanes. After meeting on site with the Director of Traffic Services in 2017, staff completed a road assessment and approved the warrants for turning lanes; funds for the projects were provided in the 2018 budget for the intersection engineering designs. Once the designs are finalized in 2018, construction is expected to begin in 2019.