About Ward 20

Established as the Township of Osgoode in 1833 and made a Ward of the new City of Ottawa in January 2001.

Our Ward is comprised of several well established Villages that each offers a unique living experience - Edwards, Enniskerry, Greely, Kenmore, Marionville, Marvelville, Metcalfe, Osgoode and Vernon.

Outside of these Village areas, our Ward is dotted with farms, country estate developments and residential properties.  Industry-wise, there is a large agricultural base and hundreds of assorted businesses providing a spectrum of services to our residents.  Collectively, our population is over 27,000 strong and steadily growing.

Geographic Size

466.62 sq. kms.

Total Length of Roads

686.73 km  


At 2006 - 26,956
Projection for 2015 - 28,831