Water, Wastewater and Stormwater Rate Structure Review

I was elected by the residents of Osgoode Ward to voice their concerns at the Committee and Council table.

CLICK HERE to see the three options the City of Ottawa is proposing.   

Thank you to everyone that came out to voice your opinion at the various public consultation. 

Listen to questions and concerns brought up by residents at the Public Consultation sessions:

Metcalfe Public Consultation Clip 1 

Metcalfe Public Consultation Clip 2

Metcalfe Public Consultation Clip 3

Metcalfe Public Consultation Clip 4

West Carleton Clip 1

West Carleton Clip 2

West Carleton Clip 3

Navan Clip 1

Navan Clip 2

Navan Clip 3

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Ward Office   -   8243 Victoria St, Metcalfe, ON
Wicked Garage    -   1344 Barfield Road
Pizza Shop    -  5673 Osgoode Main Street
Greely Restaurant     -    5375 Bank Street
Cooper Physio Clinic Greely -  7602 2, Village Centre Pl
Cooper Physio Clinic Osgoode  -  3198 Logan Farm Dr
Raymond’s Convenience Store  -  5566 Osgoode Main St
MacEwen Gas Station - 5546 Albion Road
Metcalfe Variety Store  - 8196 Victoria St
Mike's Pizzeria - 7168 Bank St
Drummond's Gas - 5501 Bank St
Independent Grocer - Osgoode
Vernon Variety Store - 8717 Bank St
O-YA Centre - 5479 Osgoode Main St
Bakkers - 1004 Mitch Owens & Manotick Station
Allan Johnston Repair - 2665 8th Line Rd
Clarmo Auto Repair - 7893 Victoria St
Osgoode Legion - 3284 Sunstrum St
Wallace Service Centre - 5217 Bank St

Manotick Office Pro - 5541 Manotick Main St

Brenda’s Country Clips   -  1592 Wilhaven Drive, Cumberland

 Dunrobin Meat - 2808 Dunrobin Road

North Gower:
 Mulligan's Grocery - 2321 Andrew St
Councillor Moffatt's Office - 2155 Roger Stevens Drive
(Please call ahead: (613) 580-2424 x 31310)

Councillor El-Chantiry's Office - 5670 Carp Road

Ottawa Centre:
City Hall    - 110 Laurier Ave West, 2nd Floor, Councillor Darouze's Office


Upcoming Community Events

  • 28 Jun
    Rural Well Water Testing Drop-off

    Tuesday Drop Off Locations Metcalfe Client Service Centre Mackinnon Foodland –Greely Manotick Library North Gower Library Osgoode Foodland Rural Ottawa Support Services - Manotick

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